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Opkol company manufactures high-quality products and semi-finished products for the automotive, machinery, and electrical industries. OPKOL has developed a manufacturer that specializes in the applications of operator arms and panels in the field of human-machine dialogue, which is an important communication in the machinery sector and covers international machine-human dialogue studies.

OPKOL has compared the arm and panel features of all sectors by producing aesthetic, durability, and special products for the relevant sectors, without losing the structure of the carrier module, which carries its knowledge and experience of years to arm and panel designs. OPKOL, Trademark Registration Certificate, Utility Model Certificate, Design Registration Certificate, CE Certificate, and by emphasizing the special differences in its branches, has patented its apparatus

Machine arm for the machine, automotive and electrical industries, Required machines for bag manufacturers and machine panel manufacturing and machine fasteners sales company. Machine connection module and apparatus. Our company, which approaches different needs with safe solutions, is one of the leading companies in the operator arm and panel market. It also draws attention with its price/quality ratio. OPKOL With its zero defect production policy, a well-known company and the best in the sector. offers high quality products to its customers and strengthens their commercial relations. ensured its continuity. With the vision of being a world-class company, the operator arm and Our company, which operates in the panel sector, exports its products to many countries in the world.
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